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Mapping the Social Web Turns Chaos into 

Business Intelligence for Brands:

In this new web, people organize into tribes (moms, bikers, geeks, gamers…) each with their own language and dynamic. eCairn has analyzed the structure of the entire social web and developed a data set of Tribes that is completely unique to any other tool.

eCairn takes the complexity out of the web


Find out who is talking about you.
Get maximum return on digital media $.
Influence the key influencers.
Make content work for you.
See trends before they happen.
Turn negative sentiment to positive.
Listen to the social heartbeat of your brand.
And ACT on that insight.



How?  Through Next Generation Tribe-Based Marketing

We use technology to look across literally millions of sources and hundreds of millions of conversations and billions of data points (almost as much as Google).

We then categorize that information into 800+ Pre-Built Tribes.

Find what’s most relevant to you.

Learn how all of this is connected, who connects to who, and what is the degree of influence.

Know who is talking to whom… what, when and where they share.

Then we can start to use this data to help you, while constantly monitoring, asking new questions and improving the data.






The eCairn Advantage  

First Generation Social Listening Tools  vs.  eCairn’s Tribe-Based Analytics and Marketing

First Generation “Listening” Tools:
  • Based on simple keyword searches across a set of sources they monitor.
  • There is no understanding of why you would want to listen to the source, just that the source hit the keyword.
  • Therefore, there is no context to determining whether this source is valuable to monitor and engage;
  • Cannot determine the quality of any relationship to the rest of the social world on the source.  Does anyone else listen to this source and does the source create an impact within the community? And is the attributed community members actually important as well?  As a reference to the Super Bowl – A loud fan at the game does not determine anything on the field or elsewhere in the stadium – even if other random fans are yelling as well.
eCairn  – Next Generation Tribed-Based Social Marketing
  • Virtually noise free data set – no need to hire extra employees to remove unwanted data
  • See and understand the relationships of sharing content and social flow within and across tribes
  • Understand how sources interact and engage with each other
  • Discover the sources who engage with each other and how the information is used downstream
  • Conversations can be analyzed for context within the streams of conversation
  • Influencer identification is based on the first true mapping of social engagement across specific interests
  • Understand your current Tribe base
  • Identify new communities and opportunities for growth – those populations that are interested but not directly engaged with your Brand    twitter-bird-light-bgs     Subscribe to me on YouTube


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