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originally posted by eCairn Blog:  7/12/2012

We are proud to announce that we just have updated our existing Spain community and created a brand new Latin American community, showing our commitment to cover the Spanish speaking population.  In total we have 42 Spanish speaking communities with more than 15K influencers, distributed like this: 11,280 for Spain and 4,400 for Latin America.

Spanish is spoken by 336 million people scattered in 20 countries, plus 50 million in North America who are strongly influenced and connected with their home country.

Latin America and Spain social media bloggers.

We were interested to see if these two communities were connected at all, or if on the contrary they were two separate entities because of their cultural background; so we played a little bit with our eCairn Conversation tool and this is what we discovered:

We took a look at 4 different tribes (beauty, mommy, music and fashion) in the Latin America (blue) and Spain (yellow) communities. We discovered 5 clusters in the network view, and even though they are from different communities they’re still a connection between them.

Network View of Latin America and Spain social media communities


Now, we decided to look only inside our mommy tribes for both communities Spain (green) Latin America (purple) and we were pleasantly surprised to find that they are very strong communities that are interconnected within each other.

Mommy Community in Spain and Latin America

If you take a look at the graph below, you can see that we highlighted the top 5  influencers (they are selected inside the red square) of which 4 are from Spain and 1 is from Latin America. You can see that they are the central focus of the conversation, and they serve as a  bridge inside the community enabling real connections between the whole tribe.

Top 5 Influencers in Spain and LA Mommy Community

Now, take a look at our graph of these top 5 influencers with 1 degree of separation. Here we can have a better view of how strong influencers are  inside the community and why it’s important to be able to identify them.

1 Degree of Separation

In Conclusion:
Hispanics are highly brand conscious, they look forward for the differentiation that a brand can provide, and they are the fastest growing internet users in USA.

Understanding the Hispanic American community can be huge for brands and marketing agencies; the “thing” that they have in common is the Spanish language, but this market is not homogeneous at all. Getting to know the specific target market of the hispanic consumers needs deep research. Cultural knowledge is a must for marketers.

How eCairn can help you?
With our two Spanish communities (Spain and Latin America) we have all the content that you need to reach the Hispanic market.  You will have the opportunity of identifying influencers by tribe and country, helping you to understand and learn more about a specific culture.

With our two Spanish Communities, next time somebody asks you: Habla Español?  you will be prepared and ready to answer:
Si yo hablo y “entiendo” Español! (Yes I speak and “understand” Spanish.)