eCairn Assists Marketers in the Search for Influencers

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Blogger Outreach tools have become a necessity in the PR, marketing and social media fields.  They assist in spreading awareness and brand building. Recent research has shown that not all are created equal, but Abraham Harrison and many others have found success using eCairn.


eCairn Inc. was founded in October 2006 as a privately held software technology company. Its focus is on influencer and community marketing. Its motto? Listen and engage with people who matter. Best known for its work with companies like eBay, Motorola, Xerox and Hewlett Packard, eCairn’s team has backgrounds in linguistics, the development of new software, engineering and collaborative filtering.


eCairn COO Laurent Pfertzel says that the biggest challenge in the development process was mapping the structure of companies with similar interests.


“You start with 500 people. These 500 people connect to 500 more. Then 500 more– all sharing the same interests and goals”.


Obtaining lists of bloggers for any campaign can be a tedious process, and eCairn’s well-designed interface allows you not only to sift through potential bloggers, but to identify their reach and interaction with similar users.


eCairn is useful as a social media tool because its capabilities expand on other platforms. It assists in finding contact information and a social profile for each influencer. It allows for categorization of contacts and easy sharing of each list so that multiple members of your teams can tackle it.


You can find conversations and build lists from within the program. Many PR and marketing experts also find eCairn’s capabilities to build segments from lists and categorize blogs useful. These segments enable easy analysis of conversations. eCairn is also much less expensive than other list building options. Your lists are reusable and there’s no necessity to import.


Like Abraham Harrison, eCairn’s workforce – and customer base – is international. Only 50% of eCairn users are from the US. The rest are European, predominately French. Pfertzel himself hails from France, although he’s called Silicon Valley home for the past fifteen years.


Pfertzel sees many differences between American and European users. The difference between European and American influencer protocol is a large disconnect between qualitative and quantitative finds. Europeans, particularly the French, are large on quantitative data. Twitter is newer to European users and niche bloggers are more common stateside. Many marketers have found that conversations may not overlap between the two continents, impacting which influencers your company may reach.


eCairn works to remove irrelevant information which is often hard to avoid when creating conversations and engaging with influencers. It lends a very thorough overview of the conversations going on between your influencers. This increases visibility instantly and can lead to long-term relationships that benefit your influencer and you.


eCairn is quick to note that it’s not a monitoring tool. However, its Conversation platform is what allows users to search within blogs for keywords and ideas. Jon Thomas at Oneforty points eCairn out as one of the top three affordable blogger outreach tools. Bill Hubbell agrees and has placed it on list of 80 Sites for Measuring Social Media Usage.


Earlier this year, eCairn was featured in CCO (Chief Content Officer), the print and digital media magazine published by the Content Marketing Institute. CB Whittemore (of Simple Marketing Blog) says:

“My most valuable content marketing tech tool is eCairn Conversation™, a platform that helps to identify virtual social communities and key influencers, as well as the relevant content they create…”


Although many marketing experts are of the opinion that blogs will soon give way to social media and die out, Pfertzel disagrees and sees them as an integral part of marketing outreach.  “Social networks are more relaxed and casual conversations, but they don’t create as much content. Facebook and twitter do not allow for masterful content the same way that blogs do”.


Ultimately eCairn has been so successful in expanding its client base and reaching out to new users because of its well-organized interface, high-profile clientele and its accessibility to a variety of users. Your effectiveness is easily measured, for each and every campaign. eCairn doesn’t show you every possible outlet to publicize your campaign, but focuses on the bloggers that your client will appeal to, the bloggers that really matter to you and your audience.