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Interactive Real-Time Social Experiences on Your Sites, Mobile Apps and TV


Arktan is a leading provider of innovative social curation and real-time conversation products for brands across many industries, including TV, music, sports, and publishing.

Arktan products are helping customers build brand loyalty, boost traffic, and increase revenue opportunities from advertising, product sales, and data capture, with quick time to market.

Arktan allows you to capture data from any source on the Web including sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. and bring it onto your website as real-time content.  It can also connect to your existing Content Management System to stream the content in real-time on your webpages.  In addition to fetching data, it also enriches the data in multiple ways by including photos, videos, maps and visually engaging snippets. The result is significant increase in brand awareness, loyalty, audience engagement and revenue. Lady Gaga, USA TV Network’s Character Chatter, for real-time chat and content during their shows,  TV New Zealand Rugby for chat during rugby games, use Arktan for real-time conversations.

See why Arktan was recently called Lady Gaga’s“Social Web Engine” called “Second Screen Focus” as one of the top trends for 2012.   twitter-bird-light-bgs 

Official LadyGaga Website Social Chatter on USA Network New Zealand Rugby Grandstand